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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sesame Street's influence

One blog leads to another . . . and once I am YouTube, I just can't help searching for similar things!

I saw this first video on another blog this afternoon, and I love it.

Stevie Wonder

Culture is out there if you know where to look!

I am teaching kids who are that target audience for shows such as this, and although they may not see the significance of the highly successful artists that sometimes go on S.S., the quality music is still seeping into their little minds. That was a video from my childhood, but the next one is from my son's childhood.


Some may think I'm bad for this, but I just never got much into "children's music." I can't really stand too much of it! I let my kids listen to my music form the start. J was choosing Tom Petty form our stack of CDs instead of a bunch of kiddie music.

Now this is not to say that none of it's good. I love witty music, like Joe McDermott
but my kids are too old for all this now.

Here's a cool video form the 80s. "New" technology at that time. Probably quite a few kids have little electronic pianos that will do similar things to change voices nowadays!
Herbie Hancock

And all that lead me to this video of one of our favorite Star Trek stars . . .

Patrick Stewart

And this one . . .

But here is my most memorable S.S. segment . I still sing this in my head sometimeswhen I'm counting!

I am a member of the TV generation.



  • I love those old clips! Seeing all the musicians was was alwasya favorite part of SS for me. I'm with you on most kid music - we kinda skipped most of that. Samuel got a little MP3 player for his b-day and when Matt asked what he wanted on it he said "Cars" and I thought he was talking about the soundtrack from the Pixar movie, but he said "No, like Shake It Up". OH he meant THE Cars!!! Great stuff.

    By Blogger paula, at Thursday, May 08, 2008 1:52:00 PM  

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