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Thursday, April 24, 2008


I got my transcripts in the mail! yea! Now I have some work to do---just in time for my day off. I can start to apply for some jobs online.

Okay, I guess my memory is failing me, but I do not remember getting so many Cs at A&M. But I guess I did rememebr my GPA leaving there, and it seems right. So I must have gotten some Cs! But did I really gets Cs in Anthropology classes? I really liked those! My UNT grades were so much better---no Cs at all.

And as I look over the classes I took---especially the ones at UNT---I really remember them fondly. I took some great classes: Horseback Riding and Tennis for P.E.; Drawing; Creative writing; Linguistics (I'm weird, I really liked it); Texas History; East Asian Philosophy (but it was hard); Physical Anthropology (with the weird professor who analyzed found bones for Dallas County and kept a human head in his trunk for a long while); History of the English Language, even. Those were good times!

I like going to school. :-)



  • hey jenbo!
    catching up on your blog. yeah, i would have thought you were a better student at a&m, too. but we were very busy what with picnic o' finals and everything else. i had two Fs my first semester at midterm, finished the semester with only one F landing me on sco-pro. good times!

    By Blogger janet, at Thursday, May 01, 2008 4:15:00 PM  

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