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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Scouting Out A&M

Statue of Lawrence Sullivan Ross---president of Texas A&M and governor of Texas----B's namesake----she would have been Lawrence Sullivan (insert our last name here) if she'd been a boy! Our almost Sully A.!

Today I took B and her fellow scout friend MG to A&M for a badgefest put on by Aggie Girl Scouts. They got to earn two badges. Here they are making a bracelet.

Here are the girls in Sbisa, the dining hall I ate in when I was a student.
The front of Sbisa. The girls are over on the left.
By the Chemistry building fountain
MG and B with the yell leaders---the juniors for next fall. They said they hadn't been thrown in the Fish Pond but were looking forward to it. (The Aggies have to win a home football game for the freshmen to get a chance to catch the yell leaders and carry them to the Fish Pond, so it's really a good thing.)
Here's a large picture of the Yell Leaders taking questions form the scouts. You can see B--over on the right! (Look hard!)
The Yell leaders signed the back of the girls' name tags.
B is posing in the foreground, but the Century tree is in the background. I got engaged under that tree.
The Academic building is my favorite on campus. The guide was telling the girls about the tradition of leaving pennies at Sul Ross's feet for good luck in exams (he tutored students for tips when he was alive).
The tour took us to the end of Kyle Field, where they bury the school mascots. This is where all the Reveille's are buried, with a scoreboard over here so they can keep up with the games.
This is a statue of the original 12th man, E. King Gill. He was at the ready in a tough game with a lot of injuries. We stand during games "at the ready" to go down and play if we are needed. That's B in the foreground.
We had fun at Scouting Out A&M!

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