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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home Today

I think I made the right choice about staying home from work today.

I'm medicated, but I have a sinus headache and all the gunk that goes with that. But it was right before lunch that confirmed my decision: I had a BIG sneeze, and I got chill bumps all up and down my arms. It made me think I might have a fever. I took the temperature, and it was a tiny bit over 98.6. Just a bit.

So I'm resting up. Doing Laundry, paying bills online, but resting.

My birthday yesterday:
It was a really nice one! I had some birthday song sung to me about 6 times. I got some greetings from friends I didn't even know knew my birthday! I got some presents from my students, and I got to eat out at the Olive Garden with my family. J just embarassed me once, at church by yelling, "It's my Mom's birthday!" in my classroom after class. My sister sent a gift and it got here on my birthday, so that's cool. And a phone call from her, from so far north of me.
So today I have eaten my leftovers from O.G. for lunch (ravioli and shrimp, it's been on TV), and finished my book, Jewel. I really liked it. It made me think a lot, to ponder, to consider. The characters are southern, and part of the book is in the South. But I felt like this was a real lady---loving and self-sacrificing at one moment, but revengeful or judgemental in another. Real. It was interesting how she made a big change for her family, for herself.

Have I said before, I love books about the South? This is an Oprah book, so I was looking around at her other selections from years past. I am going to check out these titles from the library, eventually (maybe):

The Pillars of the Earth
Ken Follett
about cathedral building in the 12th century

The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
about the South, depression era

Anna Karenina
hard to read, maybe, but classic from the 1800s

The Good Earth
Pearl S. Buck
about China, written in the 30s

East of Eden
J. Steinbeck
about California, written for his boys before they were adults

Those notes are some of ther reasons I picked those books. If you have read these, please comment!

Did you know I share a birthday with the current pope? The one who's in America? The Catholic girls who were at Girl Scouts yesterday thought that was special. B said, "And if my Mom was Catholic, it would be even more special." Tactful, that one. It's also Kareem Abdul-Jabar's birthday, Charlie Chaplin, and Wilbur Wright. And two people from my past---Karen Williamson and Amy Ivie.

Also, one of the couples at church got two new great-grand-twins yesterday, on my birthday. :-)

Going to lay down now, even though there are wet clothes in the washer . . .

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