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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, March 29th

This week's theme is high.
Our town is not a big city, so this is one of the highest buildings around. It's on the campus of Texas A&M, Rudder Tower.

I was in Rudder Auditorium on Thursday night with J. We saw a show with MSC OPAS called Blast! It was sort of like a marching band show on stage. More like a DCI Drum and Bugle Corps show. Lots of brass and percussion, with a lot of what I'd call Colorguard. If you like marching band, you should see the clip!

It was quite a high when their show finale was a song I had marched to my junior year of high school.

My hubby suggested this picture for the theme of high----it's a good one! Our dog Angel could jump really high. She just jumped like that from a standing position!

I hope you enjoyed the highlights of our life here. Please leve a comment!

Next week's theme is glass. Come back next Saturday!!

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