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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, March 8th

Today's theme is different. I think no one is more different from everyone else than my son, J. He's his own unique person!

This picture is from his very different production, Godspell, Jr., last summer. The costumes were very different than what he usually wears in a show. There he is on the top row, with a purple collar, right behind Jesus. :-)

Now will someone please tell me where my camera is? I had it and took pictures at the Girl Scout meeting on Wednesday afternoon. Then we rushed over to get J from his school, we went home (and I didn't get all my stuff in from the car at that point), then we got back in the car to go to church, then we went home and I brought everything in. Ug. I am afraid I laid it on top of the car when I was getting in after the GS meeting and drove off with it up there. I think I am just playing htis "worst case scenario" in my head over and over because I worry too much!

And yesterday we had snow. And I had no camera to capture it with! (Well, I took 3 pictures with my phone.) Fortunately, J's band concert got postponed, because I really wanted to use the camera to film a little video. BooHoo!

Anyway, enough of my troubles! Go by TNChick and see more different photos from around the world.

Please leave me a comment! (Especially if you know where the camera is!)



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