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Monday, February 18, 2008


Just a note---a slice of today for you.

I made Shrimp Pad Thai, and it was okay. Just okay. It was a recipe from Cooking Light, which I know has a Southern Living tie somehow, but it's American, so maybe that's why it was just okay.

My finger is hurting today. In the first joint. This is my very important finger---I point at everything with it! ;-) Mom says it's my arthritis growing my bones big on the ends of the bones. I don't think I said that right. But anyway, I am going to have twisted fingers just like Mom and Grandmother J.

J is still busy every day. So busy I can't ask him to do his chores! Today it was Science Bowl and Seniors at TROUPE.

B had no extra-curricular stuff today, but she tried out a cool online house-building/planning site. I wanted to be familiar with it before we do it at Girl Scouts on Wednesday. Here's the link:

Lar is off to a Little League Parnets Meeting. He has said he will probably not be the manager this year. Whew! That might be a good break. He's been B's coach every year, and to not be THE one in charge, it'll be a break. But he'll still be out there at practices and games all the time.

That's about all I can think of now!



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