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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sticky Chins Day, 2008

This year we celebrated Sticky Chins Day (February 8th) at Coldstone and Double Dave's Pizza.

What is Sticky Chins Day, you may ask? It's our own holiday where we have ice cream for dinner. It commemorates the first date Larry and I had at a place called Sticky Chins. Last year, I wrote a post about it, so you can go there to read it.

Here are the kids and Larry eating their creations. I was th only one who got a chocolate ice cream base.

After Coldstone, we walked across the parking lot to the pizza place and got the pizza rolls which we love. Larry won the 6 pizza rolls by calling into a radio station.

Jamie had to be goofy in the only picture of me that night! serves him right---I told him it was going on the internet!

Here was my experimental shot of the evening. Darkness has fallen, and I am looking out the windows of the pizza place back over to the ice cream place.

Larry and I have been "together" now for 17 years. And I was only 18 when we went on the first date! Larry would have been 19. We were very young when we got together! ;-)

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