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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, January 26th

Today's theme is old-fashioned. This carriage definitely qualifies for that.
That's my daughter sticking her face out the window. The museum had a "Pioneer Days" celebration in October, and we saw all kinds of old-fashioned outfits, crafts, objects, and techniques that day. There were no horses attached to the carriage, but they do give rides at a Bed and Breakfast in Navasota, TX, now-a-days. It has huge rubber bands that go under the carriage for a more comfortable ride. Nice gentle bounces, I suppose.

This picture is also from that day---and old-fashioned wagon.

I have a throwing-up kids today, so I may not get to visit like I would like to, but please do leave a comment here, and I'll check out your site when I can!

Next week's theme will be narrow. Check out other photo hunters at TNChick!



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