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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, January 19th

It's still Saturday where I am! ;-)
This was really important to B! Important is the word of the week.
This is the first day of Girl Scout Cookie sales. She is so excited! Actually, now that I'm home this evening, B sold 20 boxes of cookies in the neighborhood on this first day. It's important to her troop, because this is how they raise money for the activities they do and supplies they need. This year, they might go to a museum in Houston or they might go to Dinosaur Valley State Park. Last year they raised enough money to go to a zoo and have a sleepover! That was awesome, and with all the extra behind-the-scenes stuff we saw and did, it was very educational. We slept right by the aquarium!

Anyway, check out more Hunters at TNChick. next week's theme is old-fashioned. Aha! I just thought of the perfect picture! ;-) Come back next week and see it.

Thanks for your comments!

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