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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas weekend

This is what we did on the weekend, with family. Pictures of Christmas day will come later!

This is a bowl I painted for my Mom for a gift. I had to get a picture before I gave it away! I tried to paint Lily of the Valley flowers on the inside.

This is B's school party. The kids did a little play about the book they were reading---Sarah Plain and Tall. B's group had toys form home as props and they had made paper dolls as other characters.

This is B and her teacher right before we left (after getting about 3 cups of Coke!).

This is J at my parents' house. He's wearing a shirt that a friend of mine gave him.

These are 3 of the 4 cousins, with Santa hats.

This is during the present-opening time. I did not get good pictures from where I was sitting!!

This is B and S, sharing some candy. They were really sweet with each other.

This is S. She said she liked this ball she got from her grandparents!! I am just thrilled she talked to us a lot. :-)

This is the goodbye from my niece and nephew and my parents. We spent a little more than a day there---very quick trip. Larry had to work on Monday and Wednesday, so our travel plans were really limited to the weekend.

We passed through Glen Rose. I love how they decorate their courthouse!

This is J and B at the Camp where we had another Christmas celebration---this time with L's side of the family. There was more then family there, Larry's sister's friends and their kids.

They both ended up getting a 20Q---very fun electronic 20 questions game.

Larry and our great nephew, A.

And this is B enjoying the nice weather outside.

This last one is of L and his sisters. And little A. He's quite a camera hog! Cute!!

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