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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Camping and the Renaissance Faire

I took these pictures on B's and my camping trip this past weekend. It was our first Girl Scout outdoor camping trip. Quite and adventure! The weather cooperated and was perfect---lows in the 60s, highs around 80.

We got there just in time to get the tent set up before dark. I was not in charge---thank goodness!---but the other Mom who spent the night had just gone through the training for camping. She had us really yummy meals and "stuff" we needed all organized.

Dinner was a stew, which B ate! It even had beans in it, B knew it, and she still ate it!

I slept in a tent with B and the only 5th grader on the trip. I enjoyed getting to know her. I think she and B are a lot alike.

We awoke about 6:20, and the day began. Here, the girls were drawing. Okay, this doesn't look like the safest GS picture, with the girls so close to the fire! ;-)We ate scrambled egg breakfast burritos. They tasted delicious.

We had a not-so-helpful crew to clean up our camp---our goal was getting everything done by 8:30, but we were not done until 9:15.
Spiders were the theme animal of the weekend. We saw a lot of them!
The girls jousted.
Our leader and her baby, who came with us all day this day. She enjoyed it, for the most part!
One thing we did was cook biscuits on sticks. The fire was so hot, though, it hurt their faces. But they ate the bread anyway with honey and cinnamon. Right after this, it rained on us for a few minutes.

They painted some ornaments. They really love art!
Our group---7 girls and 3 adults. aren't we cute! I was so tired by this point, and dirty! I'm ready for a shower.
Ahh . . . the wedding cakes station! Everyone made a cake and got to eat it. I needed that by that point!
B missed out on the stilts last year because she hurt her foot, but this time she did it.

This was an exhausting weekend, but it sure was fun. I'll do it again sometime!

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