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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Scenes

Here are scenes I've lived through this holiday time! ;-)
I had a "Fall Party" day at school this week. This year, we allowed the kids to dress up in non-scary costumes if they wanted to.
These two pictures are from the time we carved a pumpkin together. The kids voted on the shapes for the face---triangle eyes, a heart-shaped nose, and a scary pointy toothed smile.
Here are B and J, posing in the Hay Maze at the Farm Patch.
J made a video of himself going through the maze. I posted it on the other blog. It's on Day 302. can you believe it? over 300 days of pictures?

This next one is one J set up and took himself. He even paid the model!
At home, we carved pumpkins. I let the kids do their own pumpkins this year for the first time. B carved out glasses on hers, which turned it into a Harry potter pumpkin. You'll have to look for it's little wand.
The next one is B's costume---she was a waitress. we spent time together making this little apron. We couldn't find one just the right size, so we made it. Her tray has a dinner on it! She even had a notepad for taking orders.
Here are our pumpkins all ready for trick-or-treaters.

I set out candles by the front door to create a mood for our visitors. I did really good this ytear guessing the candy---or maybe there were a few less trick-or-treaters? At any rate, we had some candy left over.
J made a potion. His idea was that anyone without a costume must drink the potion to get the candy. (It was Kool-aid with food coloring!). It was delicious. He decided not to go trick-or-treat this year. Hmmm . ..
B was home sick this day, so she didn't really stay out as long as she might have, too. Larry actually is also "infirm" in a way. He had an MRI on his knee. After maybe injuring it 3 weeks ago, it's no better, despite having worn a brace and keeping it elevated. So we're waiting on any results about the MRI. They still may not be able to do anything, I don't know! An X-ray at least showed nothing broken.

So that's what we did around here!

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