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Friday, October 26, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, October 27th

This week's theme is Pink.

B is not a real pink kind of girl, but I have a few shots of her in pink.
I have used this first picture over and over!

This was taken in August of 2006, after school one afternoon. I think B is really cute, and I took some time to line up this shot just as I wanted it. B looks so young---I hadn't realized she had aged this year at all.

This was last year's Halloween outfit. She wore three different things to 3 different events last year!
This last one I just took at the Ladies' Retreat I went on two weeks ago. They were so cheery by the back door of the house we stayed in.

Check out more photo hunters or get the rules for your own at the link below.

Leave me a comment---I appreciate them all.

Next week's theme is Classic. Stop by again!



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