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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, September 29th

Today's word is Original. I thought of Coca-Cola first, the original formula. This is my drink of choice, and for younger readers, you might not even know there was a formula different from original. "New Coke" from the 80s, although a bust, still lives in my memory.

I also thought about original artwork. We have lots of that around here.

But this pictures is original in two ways.
Last spring, 2006, part of J's Troupe group wrote an original musical play (the songs were all Disney), and then put it on. J got the part of Timon, which you can see here---he's in the yellow costume. He's singing "Hakuna Matata" with the Pumba character. I loved it and am very impressed with the kids who wrote it.

And this is also original because J is one of the most original people I know. He does not shy away from being who he really wants to be (like I always have). He is weird---he admits it---but he loves being a stand-out. He doesn't want to follow anyone. He wants to take something and make it his own, somehow. He's an original.

I am recovering from a slumber party of B's. We had three girls over last night, and I'm a bit sleepy this afternoon. ;-) They had a real fun time at B's "Spa Slumber Party" as we called it. This was our first slumber party, and for her 9th birthday, I think it was just perfect. They did all the things B planned---baked potatoes for supper, cookie cake for dessert, foot whirlpool, sleeping in the living room---everything except painting toenails, which they just didn't get to. Lovely guests! A little loud sometimes, but lovely all around, though.

I should post pictures really soon!

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