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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School and Stuff

J has said this week that his favorite subject and favorite teacher don't align. Which to me, is good, because it means that there are two classes he likes! :-)

J said his favorite subject is science. This doesn't surprise me. He likes that "discovery" and the topics are interesting to him. He's always tried to figure things out.

His favorite teacher is Mr. D---the band director. This is also very good, because if he's around long enough (the teacher!), J will have him for a class for three years running. And he's got J in a very vulnerable spot, in my opinion. Either J will love band or hate it---depending on how it's presented to him. With FUN and encouragement or with drudgery and discouragement. J holds grudges with his teachers, too, so it could've gone bad. But it didn't!

I can't wait to take a picture of him and his french horn!

There's a school dance for J this Friday. I don't know what to think. I told him that he shouldn't worry about how he looks dancing---no one s really paying attention to that! And Lar said, "And if they are looking at you, they don't care how you dance!" True, true.

We will get going on Girl Scouts this next week. Tomorrow is out parent meeting. I am so excited to get her Handbook and Badge book. I will probably get to lead two badges during this school year. The two other leaders will get to do the same. We are going to present our choices to the girls and let them vote on it. Here are mine---

Learn about different styles of architecture and get started designing your own spaces. Here’s a chance to let your creativity out.

Being my Best
When you have a good opinion of yourself, you take positive risks and avoid negative ones. You make and keep friends, and you’re successful in life! Try this badge to build the skills you need for being your best.

Caring for Children
Keeping young children happy and safe requires a lot of patience and good judgment. Learn some important child-care skills with these activities.

Visual Arts
Works of art follow rules and patterns. Understanding them can help you appreciate the beauty of art and improve your own artwork.

World Neighbors

Your neighbors are not just the ones who live nearby. Your neighbors are also the people who live all over the globe. Learn about them with this badge. (Christmas activity.)

B is in 3rd grade, and can stay in Junior Girl Scouts through 6th grade. Even with 4 years, she'll never get all the badges in that book! It's really so fun---and challenging.


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