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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, September 8th

This week's theme of music comes to you from the 4th of July weekend. The first shot is my dad playing his tuba in a big band he's in.
This second shot is from the parade earlier in the day this Independence Day. For me and much of my family, band was a big part of school life. This is my high school marching band now. My sister and I marched in this parade every year we could, and we did the Flag Corps, as these kids are. I played oboe, my sister trumpet, but also cello in private lessons. My hubby played clarinet, bass clarinet, sax, and tuba! My parents met while in college marching band---Memphis State University at that time. Mom played french horn, and Dad played tuba. Dad actually plays a little bit of everything---he taught junior high band right after college.

We have exciting musical news this week as beginning band student J has been asked by his band director to switch to one of his "special instruments." J was going to do percussion, but as they have a bunch of kids wanting to start on percussion, Mr.D, as they call him, was trying to balance out the band. J agreed to play french horn.

I will have some musical pictures of J later. :-)

In an attempt at trying out Blogger's new video upload, here's a sample of Dad's Band. I's the end of "In the Mood." Enjoy!

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