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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, September 1st

I couldn't think of any "dirty" photos I took of my kids recently, but babies are cute even when they are dirty. So I turned to our albums of J's first year for some dirtiness . . .
This is really the "after" picture of these others. This is how dirty you get if you eat popcicles on the patio.

These were when J was about 8 months old, in July of 1996. I made little apple juice popcicles for him, a familiar flavor for him. The red popcicle was made of Kool-aid. I wrote in the album that he was trying to hold the popcicle by the cold part!

It's nice toremember the baby J this week as he has started middle school---6th grade. It's going well, and he seems happy so far. It's nice to remember his cute little baby body, juice dripping down on his arms, feet all dirty, soft, sweet hair barely covering his head! Awww! He's very different now!

I also think of my Grand-daddy J, who J was named after. Today is his birthday, although he passed away in 1992, before J was even born. We kid J that he talks to himself like that side of the family. He really can't help it---it's in the genes. ;-)

Check out more dirty pictures at TNChick's blog!

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