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Monday, September 03, 2007

Strange thoughts

Something weird happened to me on Wednesday last week. I had been up at my school working on stuff, went to pick up the kids at their schools, and then onto Wal-Mart, I think it was. We got home in enough time to gobble down some dinner and go back out to church. Larry was meeting us there, he coming straight from work. We were singing songs before class (our short "devo" is before class), when I looked down and realized that I was wearing shorts. At church. !!!!!

I have never in my life worn shorts to a church service. Until I was 10, I went to church wearing a dress or skirt for every service. I couldn't even wear shorts at church camp when I was going on the 1980s. Granted, I have been pretty casual at church these past 15 years or so. Jeans are totally fine. Nice pants on Sunday mornings are even okay (although I usually still pick out a skirt or dress!). And even Capri pants are my norm in the summer on Sunday or Wednesday nights. But I had just this summer gotten these long khaki Bermuda shorts, which seem to be in style this summer. They are even acceptable at my workplace---shorts to the knees.

Okay, my shorts were only about 4 or 5 inches shorter than my capris, but intellectually, this was a super big deal. I've crossed some kind of line. And no one said a word about it. But I won't be doing it again, if I am thinking about it!

Other funny church-related thoughts:
When I am sitting here at the computer desk, I have several links I click on regularly. Several programs I open up and use over and over. Two buttons in particular make me think of songs.

"Transfer All"
When I am uploading photos from my camera, I always choose to upload all of them to the computer. I choose "transfer all" and think to myself " . . . I will transfer all . . . " to the tune of "I Surrender All" .

"Map in Motion"
Another obsession of mine is the local radar map. I like to know if it's going to rain here, when it might happen, if a storm will develop, what county is getting this afternoon's showers, etc. I like it! I am pretty good at looking at a map and guessing if it will rain in my area in the next few hours. This is extremely important if we are trying to go swimming. So to see the motion of the rain, I click on the button labeled "map in motion" on Can you guess what song that brings to my mind? "Man in Motion" from the movie St. Elmo's Fire. That hit #1 in 1985, when I was 14. Lots of songs from my teen years are really stuck in my brain!

Actually lots of weird stuff goes on in my head. ;-)

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