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Friday, September 07, 2007

LAYER 1On the OutsideName: Barbara S.Birth Date: December 7th 1941Current Status: Married for the past 39 years.Eye Color: BrownHair Color: All Grey with a few black hairs.LAYER 2On the Inside
My Heritage: English and FrenchMy Fear: Being alone one day.My weaknesses: Pocketbooks or Handbags.My Perfect Pizza: Plain cheese Pizza.LAYER 3
Yesterday, Today and TomorrowMy thoughts first waking up : Is it time to remove my knee brace??My bedtime : After 11:00 pm.My most missed memory. Having my kids at home and being involved in their lives.LAYER 4
My PickPepsi or coke :coke , which is rarely.Single or group dates : No dating here.Adidas or Nike : NikeTea or Nestea : Unsweet tea with Splenda.Chocolate or Vanilla : Chocolate Cappuccino or Coffee : Coffee.LAYER 5
Do You ****?Smoke : Tried it when I was 20 and quit 37 years ago.Take a shower : Love showers .. just got a new shower head.Have a crush : no one .Think you’ve been in Love? Three times in my life, but married the best one.Go to school : 44 years ago.Want to get married : I am married and plan on staying this way.Believe in yourself : Most of the time.Think you’re a health freak : NoLAYER 6
In the PastDrank alcohol : yes.. like winesGone to the mall : A few times in my life.Been on stage : Yes. in a Fashion show , when I had lost a lot of weight.Eaten sushi : Hate it.Dyed your hair : Yes ... not at present.LAYER 7
Have You Ever***?Played a stripping game : Not that I can remember.....LAYER 8
HopingGet married: I have been married for the second time.LAYER 9
In A Guy
Best eye color : Blue.Best hair color : Black with a little gray.Short hair or long hair : Short.LAYER 10
What were you doing?
A minute ago : doing this memeHour ago : sleeping.Month ago : working out at PT..Year ago : Enjoying my work with my babies.LAYER 11
Finish This SentenceI love :Husband and Family. I feel : a little stiff in my knees.I hate : cockroaches.I hide : different things and forget where I hid them.I miss : Being in my 30's .. best times of my life.I need :a body lift!!!
The cat is out of the bag: I´m a rotten onion...... and therefore I tag:Anyone who wants to do this meme .... please help yourself.....


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