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Monday, September 03, 2007

Miss November

B drew a picture for the school lunch calendar last year in her Art class. We found out in May that her drawing got accepted for the calendar, and more excitingly, for one of the big pictures for the month. They have several smaller pictures around the sides of the calendar, and give all the kids credit.

So this is her drawing of a turkey beating a drum, the theme for November. (Or it could have been a Rock Star turkey, too.)

The artists were all kinds of ages from 16 different school districts. You can see her trademark sun and cloud with hands, smile and sunglasses. Being the Mom, I think it's just brilliant, of course, right down to the golden caps on the sun's teeth.

Today we got the calendar from her Art teacher, who got two. There should be more at school someplace we can pick up. For each month, the calendar lists each school day's breakfast and lunch choices (two choices of entree per day per meal). Every elementary school in our district is on the same schedule, so everyone in our district potentially has B's picture in their home! ;-)

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