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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm Just a Bill . . .

These are pictures from J's show this past weekend. I loved it! Of course, I may be prejudiced.
The play was Schoolhouse Rock Live, Junior, and if you remember the songs from the 70s, then you would have loved it, too. Here, J was showing a "frustrating" expression in the song Unpack Your Adjectives.

Here's J's big song---I'm Just a Bill. He really wanted this part, and he sang it well. He had to work to get it right---the three verses all sound kinda the same, and at first he got them all mixed. After singing at home about 50 times, he was all set.

My favorite shot is this one--- from The Great American Melting Pot.
He's exchanging the foreign flags for an American one, and the Statue of Liberty is mixing up all the foreign flags in her pot.


This is Interplanet Janet. J is in the purple jumpsuit!! I didn't know about this costume until I was watching the show.

And who can forget Interjections? J is holding the EEK! sign. He's wearing purple again--his favorite.

I think I'll get a DVD this time, so if you can't come, I'll have to show it to you. Sunday's show---the one we all went to---was a sellout! Yay! This coming weekend there are 3 more shows, already filling up. Friday and Saturday nights, plus a Saturday matinee.

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