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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, December 15th

This is my submission for small. This is a replica of the White House, and it is small. It's very detailed! B and I saw it last weekend at the Presidential Library for the Senior George Bush. This is a traveling exhibit, so if it comes to your area, go see it---even if you have to pay a small fee. It's really fascinating. We happened to see it all decked out for Christmas, with small trees and snow all around.

This is the small Oval Office. There are even small photographs on the table. This back side is opened up like a dollhouse.

This next part is a ballroom. While it's miniature, it was a large room compared to the others.

This next photo shows all three floors. I love that small Christmas tree!

This last picture is a view of the white house and the wing coming out towards the family's living quarters. Can you see that small ---I mean tiny----TV? It was really projecting some sort of image in there! I think that was a press room.

So there it is---small! Next week is light, and I took some tonight that I could use---of the front of my house all decked out with Christmas lights. Enjoy the rest of the Hunt by going over to TNChick. Join in!

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