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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday's Feast, March 21st

B and I will both be answering the questions today. It's a Good friday Holiday! ;-) I think we are going to make some more People Chow this morning before we go to CTLTC in Houston today.
Given the choice, would you prefer to live in the country or in the city?
I would rather live in the country. The city is noisier and more unsafe----scarier to me. You can always drive to a city if you want to enjoy the good stuff about it.
B says she'd rather live in the country, too.

Who is the cutest kid you know?
B says she's the cutest kid she knows.
I was going to say my new little Korean student is the cutest kid I know. B is pressuring me to say it's her, though.

Fill in the blank: I couldn’t believe it when I heard ___________.
B: I couldn't believe it when I heard a first grader boy say he loves me and my friend and my other friend.
Me: I couldn't believe it when I heard Princess Diana died. That was so long ago---I just can't think this morning.

Main Course
If you could star in a commercial for one of your favorite products, which one would you want to advertise?
B: Extreme Butter Popcorn---or socks
Me: Kodak products---I just love my little camera.

What type(s) of vitamins and/or supplements do you take on a regular basis?
B: None
Me: none! Not that I'm opposed to it!



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