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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Stuff Happens

Have you ever heard of Shignella? A highly contagious bacteria? The one that causes stomach cramps and bloody diarrhea? Oh yeah, that one! I was just reading about it on the CDC website since one of B's classmates was just in the hospital this week with it. She had gotten dehydrated and lost weight, so she was in for a night or two. I think we're in the clear, but if B gets any sign of diarrhea or fever or stomach cramps in the next week, we'll be off to the doctor. Her last exposure to this fellow student was Tuesday.

I finished The Good Earth this morning. I enjoyed it, but I was really hoping he wouldn't have so many wives. I guess it was just the norm for the people in that area at that time in history. The way he thought of his land---that he'd never be really poor if he could just hold onto his land---I guess we ought to think of our home---the only part of the land I really own, and not own just yet as we have a mortgage! I think another lesson was that the main character never really did have peace in his house, even when his finances were better. And having money didn't make his sons better people. He was a good person who worked hard. I guess when I think about how a little more money would make thngs easier, I ought to remember him. The only one in hte book without troubles was the "little fool" as he called his daughter who never spoke and was content to just sit and finger a bit of cloth. Interesting to ponder!

So what's up this week?

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  • I think I had that Shingnella once. I was hospitalized for one night for those symptoms about ten years ago. Not too fun.

    I also read The Good Earth many years ago. Actually, I was too young for it when I read it. I think there is something about reading these classics when you are in HS/college way before one can relate to the life events of adults. I would probably understand/appreciate it so much better if I read it now.

    By Blogger Jane, at Monday, April 28, 2008 7:46:00 AM  

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