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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, May 3rd

This week's theme is Time. I think the most significant keeping of time happened last July in Waco. B ran the mile, and her time was better than any other time she ran before.

And it was hard. Look at this girl! She was 8 when she ran it.
She said then, and even this spring, that she would never run the mile again. But she is one of about 10 who ran without stopping for 9 minutes in P.E. at school. Her P.E. coach is one of the coaches for summer track, too. I think I'm going to shoot him an e-mail about encouraging her to run the mile again this summer---or at least do the 800! Speed is not her thing, but she has great endurance! ;-)

She doesn't take after me in this respect---but her Aunt R. has run a marathon.
If you want to see others' interpretation of the theme, click here for TNChick's website. Next week's theme is blogger's choice!

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