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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I'm so tired.

Last night I stayed up getting my application filled out for the local ISD. I applied for a Teacher's Assistant job, since right now, that's all I qualify for. After I get my online certification schooling application and then an acceptance into the program, then I'll go back and apply again for a classroom teacher job, which I'll need to be in as soon as I finish up the coursework. I feel like I have a good shot of making it all work out.

The application process had me answer all the usual stuff on their website, but also I took a questionnaire through the Gallup organization. It was interesting. I guess they are trying to figure out with these questions if you're really cut out to be a teacher---or in the right level of teaching. Some of the questions were about my feelings about how teaching compares to other professions. Another group were about how I view kids---hopelessly lazy or unreachable, versus being a friend to every student. Do I think humor is a good thing in the classroom? (It is one of my many teaching strategies.) How would I approach a problem? How do I measure success? How important is recognition to me? Do I think all the kids in the class will like me? (no) Very thought provoking.

Looks like I will get to see my sister and family the weekend I go camping with the Girl Scouts. Yea!

Our tax refund is here! yea! But Lar's truck needed $400 of work on his brakes at the mechanic (with another $350 to go really soon). We both need new tires. Whoop! There goes the tax refund---every penny. God did provide, but kinda disappointing to see it go out of the bank so quickly. But The economic stimulus package---it's coming soon as well. I want to make a post about "What I Did With My Money the Government Gave Me Back" pretty soon!

Gotta get to bed!



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