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Monday, September 15, 2008

Post Hurricane Ike

I just added 21 photos to the other blog. I was so far behind. I guess working full time did that to me. Please go look and comment on a few of them that you like. :-)

I have today off again---there are people sleeping in my classroom! We will go back tomorrow, but not to the classroom I'm used to. We will be in another part of the school building, and we'll be winging it somewhat. We'll be doing what we can in a room that's designed for grownups, and we'll be starting late. I think it'll be interesting, and I am ready to just be flexible---but with a wary eye on my students.

Our house came through the wind fine, and we were spared the worst of the storm. Friday morning, they thought the eye was still coming over our county, and winds would be 80 mph. They were saying we would for sure have power outages. That's why I went on to Mom's house. But was it turns out, they had winds about 35 mph,, and we kept our power.

But one town south, no power. One town west, no power for a week, they think. One county to the east---no power, no school at the University for two more days at least. (That's Sam Houston U. in Huntsville.) I prayed for a bubble to protect our house, and even our town, and that's exactly the way it seemed to work out.

Prayers answered? Well, maybe. I am sure there were lots of prayers going up west and east and south of our town, just the same sentiment. Why are we spared the worst?

We have several shelters still running in town, and lots of them are housing the invalid and infirm. There is a sign on the northbound side of the highway that says "Shelters Full." Reed Arena (TX A&M) is full of people sleeping on cots where basketballers play. That was a shelter with a medical emphasis. The church next door to my workplace is housing nursing home residents. You think you have it tough? Think about all those confused, uncomfortable older people and the people who are taking care of them in an open area.

Thank you, God, for the blessings I continue to enjoy!



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