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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 30th

Today's theme is Beautiful. This part of the country was one of the most beautiful areas I've ever visited. And maybe it was my youth when I was there, my grandiose idealism,---something---that made me just soak it in and remember it. There is something so majestic about big mountains and big sky.

This is Jenny Lake, WY, with the Tetons in the background. It's beautiful! And you can't even tell how beautiful unless you're there. This picture can't even capture it. I took this in 1994 when I was just 23. Those were the days! ;-)

If you'd like to see more beautiful images, click over to TNChick's website. What a good day to go browsing!

Next week is string or strings. That's interesting!

Happy Birthday Larry! (Today's the day!!)

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