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Friday, August 01, 2008

Starving on Friday

There seems to be no Friday's Feast leader any more. There hasn't been a new post on that website since July 11th. I guess I'll have to go find some other meme to fill my time! I still have my Saturdays . . . Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I've been busy this week. I worked on Tuesday, of course, but I'm trying hard to get through a lot of my schoolwork. I start my teacher workdays in only 6 more days! Therefore, I want to get through the course I'm in today, maybe, and zoom through the next one as much as I can. I have this present course, and then three more courses I will have to read a lot for. Then I have a course named "You are Hired" and another one that I'll be enrolled in when the school year is in session. That one will be stuff I do in the classroom and reflections on my experience.

The summer is almost over, people!



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