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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, July 12th

Today's theme is support. Check out more photo hunters at TNChick. This is a photo from December 2006. For those of you who know J, hasn't he changed?

Here's J supporting his sister. Although they fight a lot now and get on each others' nerves, I know they will support each other as the years go by. Many many years from now, after I'm gone and their daddy is gone, they will need to support each other as the oldest generation of this part of their family.

Someone else's post made me think of this picture, so I added it. This is from 1991, I think, in May right before we got married. We were visiting a children's home in Morrilton, Arkansas, with our college church group. We worked around the facility, doing odd jobs during the day, and when the kids came home from school, we played with them and talked with them. In this picture, Larry is saving me from a heavy rock by supporting it with his bare hands. Right? ;-) This is in a state park somewhere near there. Larry is always a support to me

Next week's theme is "What IS that?" I'll probably take a special picture for that one.

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