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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 2

J is holding B in his hand---kinda.

I should have explained that peanut picture below---it was amazing because it had 4 peanuts in it. J said he was going to put it in a museum, but he ended up eating it. Good thing I got a photograph! Whew!!

I changed my Yahoo avatar (see sidebar). Here I am using my anthropology minor in a lost city.

I am progressing along in my online schooling. I am in the third course, Educational Pedagogy and Stages of Learning. I'm glad I've had first hand experience with these stages of learning---not my own !----watching my own kids grow through all this. So far, it's a bit heavier than what I've had to read so far, but it's still definitely within my mental capabilities! ;-) I am amazed it's been 14 years since I was out of college! In some ways, I am back in the swing of school, and in some ways, I'm thinking I've live a whole other life since then.

Tonight in Ladies' Bible Class we talked about thinking about thinking. This is something I read about today at home---Metacognition! God really wants me to learn this, I guess, He's putting it in front of me twice. So the thought at church was, we need to think before we act. As it says in Proverbs 14, verses 8 and 15, I'll paraphrase, "The prudent and wise give thought to their ways." So am I thinking before I speak in anger? Am I drifting along, or do I have a plan? (I'm really in a planning mode, it's not this right now.) Do I know my motives? Are my motives right? And how do I know if they're right? The answer isn't easy---it's through prayer and getting in the Word, so I can know what's right.
Right now, the only Bible Class I really attend is this Wednesday night class. I'm teaching little ones on Sunday morning. I hear a sermon on Sunday mornings, and I'm usually in the Tabitha Class on Sunday nights. It's made me think I really need to be reading my Bible more and more on my own. I always think summer is a great time to get with it, but I'm busy now, too.
I'm so excited to be checking in on my cousin and his bride in Ohio. They just started a blog. I need to update my sidebar with blogs I really read all the time, but check out Dan and Krista's blog if you want. My cousin is a preacher, just getting out of school.
This is a long post. I thought B and her Daddy would be home by now, and I know they're leaving me alone so I could get my assignment turned in. I did that first, so I can have some fun, can't I? It's summer, after all, and I know they're out having fun.
J is at a Troupe lock-in tonight, debuting his own version of Clue. Yes, he's so GT. In a matter of about 3 days, he made a version of the board game Clue, where each character is a person at Troupe, the game board is a map (generally) of the Troupespace layout, and the weapons are inspired by things they do at Troupe. I love the weapons---a microphone, a cord, lights (falling from the ceiling, I guess), a revolver (Maybe a prop without blanks?), and my favorite, *specialness*. He's up there tonight drinking too much Coke, eating a lot of pizza, playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero and SingStar on PS2, and being his *special* self. Good for him! See ya in the morning!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Week. I am doing a red, white and blue theme for a week on the other blog. Leave me a comment!


  • I can't get the post to publish with the paragraphs like I want them! Sorry it's like one long long long paragraph.

    By Blogger jenny, at Wednesday, July 02, 2008 10:06:00 PM  

  • Hi Jenny! This is Krista (Dan's bride) Thanks for your comment and links to your blogs...I will try to get them linked on ours as well. I'm still playing with settings and figuring out how to change things. I am glad to hear you all are well, thinking, attending Bible classes, scouts, etc. I'll write more later!

    By Blogger Krista, at Tuesday, July 08, 2008 7:51:00 AM  

  • 'Think before you act' is a good motto for life!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, July 09, 2008 2:39:00 AM  

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