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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm a talent!

I copied this off the top of the quiz I just took-----

"In the mid-90s, in articles in The Atlantic and Time Magazine, Nicholas Lemann introduced the idea of three paths to success in American society -- that of Talents, Lifers, and Mandarins. He later went on to write a book, The Big Test, about the SAT as the Mandarin path to success.
Which path are you on? That's what this test aims to find out."

I'm a Talent!

You're a risk-taker, and you follow your passions. You're determined to take on the world and succeed on your own terms. Whether in the arts, science, engineering, business, or politics, you fearlessly express your own vision of the world. You're not afraid of a fight, and you're not afraid to bet your future on your own abilities. If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume. You believe in doing what you love, and you're not willing to settle for an ordinary life.

Talent: 54%
Lifer: 38%
Mandarin: 49%

Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

I don't know what a Mandarin is, but I'm almost as much that as Talent!



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