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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, June 14th

This week's theme is Emotion. My first child has always been full of emotion---to either extreme---and now he's acting out his emotions.

Here is J and another J in a skit called "Extreme Sports." They were the newscasters reacting to athletes doing sports "without a net" so to speak. (Taken with no flash----excuse the blur!)

Here's J in the back yard. The emotion----surprising me? Is that an emotion?
This was last summer before he left for camp. What's funny about this is, there looks to be the emotions of concern and maybe worry or frustration. I'm sure Larry was concerned, but J was excited to be going that day. I think they were just discussing something like money for a meal along the way, nothing major. But it *looks* like an emotional exchange between father and son.
This little girl--no names!---was very emotional about having to come to Circle Time. She had some adjusting to do, and after I took this one picture, she'd want to see it and asked me again through the year to take her picture when she was crying. I guess that was better than looking in a mirror! This one was true emotion---frustration with her teacher.
If you'd like to see more photo hunters' emotions, go to TNChick's site and have fun! Next week's theme is Water, which means we better go to the pool this week!

My kids are ASLEEP right now, at 8:06a.m., a miracle. J and I were up until midnight scrapbooking, though, so I am especially glad my early riser is still in bed. B is tired from going to bed late too many nights in a row, I bet, and if I can keep quiet, she may sleep longer. She does not like having to get up, but she gets up earlier than this most days.

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