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Monday, June 09, 2008

Movies in May (or June)

We saw a lot of movies (for us) this past month. All 4 of us saw Indiana Jones and had a great time. B has really gotten into the action-type movies----all the IJones ones, and National Treasure. During the movie, She made a point of telling me she really was enjoying herself, and "loved" this kind of movie. I enjoyed the Shia LeBeouf character. Maybe there will be some movies made with the torch passed to him? I love that I.J. said, "I have a bad feeling about this." I looked at J who was looking at me----was it a crossover repeated line from Star Wars? I think that line is in every Star Wars movie, said by different characters.

Lar, J and I saw "Iron Man." I didn't really know what it was all about before watching it. I really liked it, though! The effects were cool, for sure. And I was totally skeptical that Robert Downy , Jr., would be a great superhero, but he played this part really believably, very cool. It was intense!

THE movie of the season for our J is Kung Fu Panda, which we saw on Saturday. J loves Pandas right now, don't ask me why---it's that mysterious time of his life where he is part man, part child still. And part obnoxious person, but this is part of his persona right now. I enjoyed the movie, and I'm not a kung fu movie aficionado. It was beautifully animated, and I enjoyed the characters. The story was pretty predictable, but not entirely so. It was witty, and I heard the Dads around me laughing a lot. (Larry included.) I relented at the grocery store ad let J get two boxes of Eggo waffles so he could get the UPCs and send in for a King Fu Panda pillow. You know how that is . . . I usually buy the store brand to save some money! Sacrifices for the children . . .

On video, I just saw The Martian Child. I'd recommend it! There was a lot of things said about being unique that rang really true with me and the way I see my kids. This one wasn't too predictable, so it was interesting to me. You can tell this is important to me---element of surprise. Of course, if I know what's going to happen before it happens in the screen, then why bother with that movie?

There is an exception to this----Star Wars Episode III. I knew exactly how that was going to turn out, and I had to watch that train wreck happen. I even watched it again today. BooHoo!!

The one movie I am still wanting to see is the Narnia movie. I don't know how I saw King Fu Panda before that one! ;-)



  • I have seen all those movies, except Martian Child. I was a tad disappointed with Indy, really enjoyed Iron Man, and was pleasantly surprised with Kung Fu Panda.

    We are still waiting to see Narnia too. Not sure what our hold up is on it? And, of course, my hubby is looking forward to the Incredible Hulk & Batman movies.

    Summer moves! A great way to beat the heat!

    By Blogger D..., at Wednesday, June 11, 2008 11:09:00 AM  

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