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Monday, June 09, 2008

Money Money Everywhere . . .

The economic stimulus plan money was sent to us a long time ago, but I wondered if anyone else was keeping track of what they spent theirs on. A lot of ours was spent on summer camps
$200 Annie Camp for J (it starts on the 17th)
$50 for Track camp for B
$350 for church camp in July
The good thing is, I was able to just pay for it all already. No split payments I'm stuggling to pay for in the summer months (when I don't get paid).
We also had some repairs for Lar's truck. $400, Ug. He still needs to do tires and some other thing that's going to cost $350!
I'm nervous, though. I've put some back for summer, so we can stimulate the economy later. And I know we've done some extra entertaining of ourselves (movies!) and eating out. And it came before Mother's Day, so the kids bought me nice gifts---and Larry did, too, even though I am not his Mom.

So for the record we stimulated the following industries:
the arts (Annie Camp)
anything involving church camp (I assume it's a break-even endeavour, so it's for food, Bible class materials, craft materials, etc.)

Doing our part!



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