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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Smart vs. Smart Mouth

Here's a video of J's outdoor, end-of-year band concert. this was their final song all grades played together.

I missed Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt again!!

I was busy most of my day with a training for Girl Scout Day Camp, starting at 8:30am. When I got home about 3:30, I was so wiped out, I laid down on the couch and napped for a while. The heat gets to me after a while. I try not to be wimpy about it, but I'm drained by it.

And then I got all showered and took J to his call time for his show last night and scrapbooked with a friend a gift for a family that's leaving our area and our Girl Scout troop. It was actually a lot more talking than working! ;-) But I got almost done with it all.

This week has been a really exciting one. The kids got word about their latest TAKS scores. J took two in April, Math and Reading and just knows he got a "commended performance" on both. I think this might be the first time he got commended on both since he did in 3rd grade. B got word back that on her Math test she took in April, she got a perfect score---which means she got a commended score on both her tests this year, her first year for standardized testing. In third grade you have to pass the reading to go on to 4th grade.

Also we got back the evaluations for B's reading level. I love to see al that data right here at the beginning of summer. They take this test at school on the computer, and as they do better and better, they get harder and harder questions.

B did fantastic.

Grade level should be 3.9, I guess. Her "grade equivalent" is 10.7. So her zone she should be aiming at for reading this summer is 4.8 to 10.7. It said if she re-took the test, we would expect her to make a score between 99% and 99% every time. (aww, no 100%?)

It was almost funny the goals for her to continue growing in reading:
continue reading for recreational purposes (not a problem---she has the reading bug)
use self-correction strategies to maintain flexibility in reading for different purposes (what?)
identify bias, persuasion, and propaganda within a text (I just can't imagine her coming in contact with propaganda in the things she likes to read? bias and persuasion---I get that)
learn strategies for acquiring specialized or technical vocabulary (what's she specializing in for 4th grade? the field of medicine?)

It just seems so beyond her real life. But I'm really proud of her! :-)

My kids are smart, no denying that. I have had a part in this, but it's good genes and smarts that God gave them to begin with. But now, how do I tame those tongues?

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