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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Track Meet Last Thursday

B wanted me to post these three on a row to show her jump. I'm showing the jump that went the farthest---8'6".
Here she is about to take off . . .I have a camera feature where I can take 3 pictures rapidly. :-)
Here she is in mid-air . . .
And here she is landing. She told me the best thing was her bottom didn't touch the sand, so it didn't take off some of her inches. Not the jump with the best form, but the farthest one she's done!
Too bad we have a super girl in this age group who can jump over 12 feet!

Can you see Larry in the white hat? B's coach form her elem. school is there on the far left with a gray shirt and tan baseball cap. He's her P.E. coach, but also went to the high school to coach the running backs this year. B said we had to post a picture of her friend jumping, too, because she is important.

We finally talked B into doing the 800 meter (half a mile) after she refused to run the mile. In the 800, she got first place, and beat some of the boys, too. Fortunately, you just compete with the same gender and age group, so B is golden in this event. She's made for distance, not the sprint! ;-)

Proud of you, baby girl!

I put a few more pictures on my other blog---I'm still posting one picture for every day! Stop by there and comment, too!

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