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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, June 21st

This week's theme is water. I have several water images from trips I've been on.
This first one is me and my family at Lake Michigan, circa 2006. This water was very cold, my children told me. That's my family on the left, and my aunt and dad on the right. We're in Michigan when this was taken.
This is the coast of Texas, South Padre Island. I have very fond memories of this trip playing in the water with my friends/workmates at a training conference.
This is MY water----Lake Jenny in Wyoming. It was unbelievably beautiful up there, very different from the landscape where I live. Also from 2006.This is Old Faithful, a geyser of water. The people in these two photos were with me on a high school mission trip to Dubois, Wyoming. I went as a chaperon in 1994---I was 23, a newlywed, and not a mother yet. One of my favorite memories form that trip was watching that water shoot up in the air, right on schedule, while I sipped hot cocoa on the inn's deck that evening. This last one is also In Yellowstone Park, WY, as the last one was. We were standing at an observation deck watching the power of water as it fell over a waterfall. This picture is looking down the river, and the landscape and rainbow make everything look like a fairytale. I hope to go back and see all these things again someday, taking my family with me.

If you like the Hunt, go see TNChick and follow the links to other hunters. Next week's theme is bright.

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