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Monday, June 23, 2008

Hey! Life is happening!

I walked two miles today, and J walked 2.25. It's the first day he's out-walked me. I had to go potty! B is running her track club while we walk the track. I have some new shoes this summer. They are all red on the bottom from the red track. I went to the store looking for some more expensive shoes, but the $20 pair fit the best---the arch hit me in the right spot.

Now J is taking care of his own laundry! He got the load going before track this morning. (I had been a bad mom and he didn't have clean shorts---one he wanted for walking, anyway.) How wonderful to be teaching him to do his own stuff. :-)

A conversation a few minutes ago:
B: J, will you vote for me for president?
J: No.
B: Please?
J: Well, if you're the best candidate, I'll vote for you.
Me: I guess he wants to agree with your policies, B.
J: Yeah, what are your policies? If I agree with you, I'll vote for you.

Nothing is a simple matter to these kids.



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