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Friday, July 18, 2008


I finished East of Eden this morning. I'm ready with another book that's been on my list (The Pillars of the Earth), but I need to wait a little bit and read all the stuff on I think is interesting about East of Eden first. Pick up the things I missed. It's very satisfying to read a 601-page book.

I'm also rolling along with my online courses. I finished a module this week and am into the next one. I'm reading and doing assignments at a pretty good pace---but I need to get a lot done in these next few days. B and J will go off to camp on Sunday, and I can get a lot done then, I hope. I can finish this module (Planning Instruction and Assessment) no earlier then the 25th, so my goal is to finish by then, so I can get into the next module ASAP. Next topic: Best Practices of Teaching.

The Pillars of the Earth is also an Oprah book, and I thought the description sounded interesting, so I put it on my short list. The library had a waiting list for its many copies. I didn't ever get on the list because I could always find another title on my list. My Mom, however, mentioned the book to me. She had just finished it, and had her own copy. So I borrowed it from her the last time we were up there. This book has been in the "on deck circle" (my bedside table).

I love having all that extra info about the books, author and times the book was written. Thanks, Oprah!

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  • East of Eden is on my deck circle. Along with Redeeming Love. My goal is to read both before school starts back up. It's quickly closing in on me!

    Congrats on rolling right along with your courses! You rock!

    By Blogger D..., at Saturday, July 19, 2008 12:47:00 PM  

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