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Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me and Larry!

Yesterday, July 20th, was my 17th anniversary.

We took our kids and 22 other kids from church to Camp Bandina. Larry drove a van with 11 boys and Bess and me. We had another van and another vehicle towing a trailer in our convoy across central Texas. It was a 4 hour trip with lunch in the middle one way.

I had never been there, but Larry's been a counselor and the kids have gone. This was the first year B is going without a parent there!! I am a little nervous for her. But she seemed completely fine in her cabin. Another little girl from our church who's a grade ahead of B is also in her cabin. I am glad, and I had even hoped it would turn out this way. I want them to bond and build a friendship they can carry into their teen years! ;-) (And for those who know, this is A, the girl with three little sisters and a baby brother.)

I wasn't going to show all these pictures, but here they are anyway. Enjoy!

J and Lar


Checking in

Larry and B go to her cabin---#2

B on the bunk she chose B with A and an new friend from her cabin, J

J---he's got those hot cheeks!! Much of camp is air-conditioned, but not this room we were in.

We left them, and on the way out, our fellow road warrior had me take her picture. This was where she was baptized one summer at camp. :-)

Bandera is the county seat, so I got one more courthouse picture.
The best (haha) thing about my anniversary? I got to eat out at McDonald's TWO TIMES. We were working on a strict cash-only budget yesterday! ;-)

But really, the best thing about dropping the kids at camp, is that Larry and I are having a quasi-vacation here at home. Larry is actually off the whole week. On Friday, we will go pick B up early (track meet in San Antonio), but the whole week is our own. I am working at Sonshine School on Tuesday. But other than that, it's just us. :-)

Our vacation is a working one, though, and we plan to put down a floor. FINALLY! Yay!!! :-) We spent about $1200 just this afternoon. Details on that are still to come!

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