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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, August 23

Today's theme is wrinkled, and my first thought was about the wrinkled faces of people I know. Or maybe my own wrinkles I am getting. I couldn't think of a picture right off the bat that would be flattering enough to not hurt someone's feelings! HeeHee! So I am going back to my archives to some wrinkled people who aren't alive.

I love old photos. I always try to see the real people in those photos---the personalities of those people who lived before me. I wonder what they talked about, what their daily lives were like, how they treated others. I wonder if they hoped and dreamed about things like I do. I wonder if they took joy from the things I do, or if they had unnamed longings, and if they felt like they had done everything they needed to do before they died. I like to see old photos of people I do know as older folks----it makes them seem more like me than I had known before.

This is Larry's family. His grandmother is the third one from the right, and these are her parents. It was an anniversary party. I wonder if those shoes were comfortable?

Next week's theme is beautiful. If you're interested in more wrinkled photos, go to TNChick's website!

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