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Monday, August 04, 2008

Hello, Edouard!

Well, I'm not really hunkering down or anything, but Hurricane Edouard is coming my way. We are expecting rain and wind tomorrow. Of course I will be working outside the home tomorrow, not safe and sound at home where I'd probably rather be. It's Sonshine School's Olympics day!

Two counties south of me, there are "Inland Tropical Storm Wind Warnings." They've been upgraded to the warnings, not just watches. I hope that doesn't mean we will get that strong wind, too. We might!

The good news is, our high will be about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow and the next day---only 94 and 96 degrees! I must mention, however, that my parents 3 hours north of me are getting the heat much worse---Dallas is consistently hotter than us this summer. Of course, we brag about our humidity around here---we like to increase that heat index! We like having to drink our air, really.

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