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Friday, August 15, 2008

My first day of school

I survived day one of Kindergarten. No one cried (a hard separation from Mom, but he shaped up just fine), and we all came away with smiles. The ones I had in the afternoon said they "loved Kindergarten." All of them! ;-) That's the ultimate goal to me! :-)

I am up early again this morning. I wake up, and if I let my mind wander to the tasks ahead of me this day, I can't get back to sleep. It's not worry---there's just things I think of I have to do. I'm excited! I like this "setting up" part of school. It's a bit like playing house.

Well, I think I might have gone back to sleep for a few more minutes if I hadn't heard something out on the deck (outside my bedroom window). It was a little possum! I don't really like to see them, even though I know they're out there. Better that than a rat or a snake!

Now it's about time to get ready and take Bess where she's going today before I get to my school at 7:30. Where's my caffeine?



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