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Sunday, August 10, 2008


I didn't get to blog this weekend, and I don't see much happening this coming week---I start school, my new job, Kindergarten!

The bad news from today---B got her big toenail totally ripped off. It was her bedroom door that did it. I am still a bit freaked out, but Larry knew what to do---his toenail got ripped off when he was a freshman in college, moving into the dorm. I on the other hand, am feeling her pain in my body when I look at it, or talk about it, and now I find out, when I blog about it.

I get sympathy pains in my pelvis, in my whole abdominal area. I have told the kids it's because they came from my womb, and I am still connected to them like that somehow. Although I feel the pain when it's Larry, or other people, too.

She asked me to post the pictures of it on the blog. Do you really want to see this?



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