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Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunkering or Running

I had a place to go, so I went. The kids were off from school today, so I was contemplating leaving town. Larry had to stay and work. I woke up at 4:30 am, thinking. I had seen the wind estimates for our area, and I kept thinking about the trees and stuff in our neighborhood. It's one thing to get a tree in your house, but another to be there when it happens. Mom called me last night, and thought I ought to come on.

So we came. The traffic was light. It was an easy drive, and we were here by lunchtime. I will probably sleep tonight, whereas at home, I'd be up all night, waiting for the first bad stuff at 1:00, and the bad stuff in our area at 5am Saturday.

I got an e-mail that our Wal-Mart was closing. Can you believe that! ;-) My school building was apparently "shelter of choice" since they have 3 meals a day and showers. This may push back our start back to school a bit, even after the College Station schools are back in session.

I can't stop watching the news! Not that anything is changing much minute to minute. That seawall footage they keep showing? I'm amazed by that. We've been there. The road is there, and the sidewalk at the same level. Then there are the stairs to go down to the water. There is no sandy beach right there, but giant black rocks. Usually it's about 10 feet down before you see the water, and I have pictures of us sitting there smiling in the sunshine. But the water is all the way up to the road level, and I'm amazed.

My thoughts are with Larry who's getting off work about now---and making a decision about coming on to where we are. I hope it's not too windy there already! The food and water and supplies are there if he decides to stay.



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