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Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's been one week . . .

J made this picture for me. He had one of his own face, and he offered to make me one, too. Came out pretty good! He even took this photograph of me this month.

I am long overdue just updating the blog about life around here. I'll try to bullet the important stuff---in no particular order.
  • B lost a tooth today. Funny thing----it wasn't the loose one she'd been concentrating on. The aid---Pink Laffy Taffy. Much more gentle than a string around the doorknob.

  • B had a free ticket to the football game tonight. She is there with Larry who's actually working. I hope it's all okay. I'm a nervous mom. I kind of think B can be down where Larry is for most of the game, but she has a seat in the stands right where Larry's "zone" is that he covers.

  • He's an usher---it's his third year to do it. He will work 7 games this season. The pay comes at the beginning of December---our Christmas bonus. Larry enjoys working the Aggie games, being right there in the action. I've spotted him on TV in years past, but no TV tonight. He has seen the Big 12 coaches up close and personal, and had the governor call him by first name (he walked up and said, "Hi, Larry!" looking at his nametag.)

  • Today is Larry's birthday, and now I can show you what I made in honor of him.
  • This is me painting the square plate. I am making one salad sized plate for each member of the family. B will be next, for her birthday. Here's the fired and glazed version. I like how it turned out.
  • Speaking of nervous moms, my mom called today and asked if we were going to get evacuated. I don't think so, but we are gearing up to receive evacuees in our community. Since we're on the west side of the storm, I think we'll not even get much of the heavy rain. I do have my tank full of gas----which will get me to mom's with no problem and gas to spare---if the storm takes a weird westerly curve. I evacuated myself from hurricane Rita on the heels of Katrina 3 years ago, and the traffic was heavy, and the McDonald's was nasty dirty from overuse.
  • Here I am on the first day of school. J took this one, too. I used it already on my other blog. I am putting this one here to say that the classroom is going well, and I'm enjoying myself being a new Kindergarten teacher.
  • I have 11 students now---3 girls and 8 boys. It should hold steady at this number. I am getting the hang of making the lesson plans and managing my schedule in the classroom. It's tweaked to get restroom breaks in at the right times---important since I do not have a restroom in my class. My bulletin boards are coming along, and the morning crying has stopped for the most part. We're rolling right along!
  • J came home from school Thursday and said that he had no mean teachers. Good for him! He has lunch in the middle of his language arts class. B Lunch. There was a problem with 2nd period---like they changed what his class was, and it wasn't what we thought it was supposed to be----but it's already fixed. He says he might have a nervous breakdown sometime in Math because of the company in there (not the teacher). But I think it's going to be okay!
  • B has had a great first week, too. She seems to like her teacher, and I feel confident the teacher's on top of everything. B is excited about what they will get to do in art as big 4th graders---making books this year, and learning about some kind of Japanese book sewing technique. She is also glad to only get P.E. twice a week, but it's a longer period, I think. Her lunch is at 12:50, but they get a snack break in the morning.
  • J is signed up for his fall TROUPE stuff. One of his troupe friends is at school with him this year---a girl, even. The director, M.A., wanted him to do Troupeadors (the singing group). So he's been enrolled in that plus Theater High---yea! He's old enough to be with the older group now, in 7th grade. The best news about this----he got two scholarships, $75 each, for each of the programs. This is partial scholarship, but it sure helps. J loves it. It's his niche.
  • I'm off for Labor Day, but the kids have to go to school. Na-na-na-boo-boo!
  • Tomorrow we are finally going to Pyro, the Mongolian Fusion grill for Larry's birthday lunch. Yea! again!

This has to be all for now! I have been slacking taking pictures lately, but I will get the other blog more up to date really soon. Love to hear comments!

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