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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, September 13th

Today's theme word is wild. We had a fabulous time looking at wild animals at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center on our Girl Scout end-of-year trip last spring. These zebras were so fun to watch.
Later, a zebra snapped at my hand as we were feeding them! No doubt they are still actually wild. And another wild moment---

At the end of our driving tour, we had a bag of animal food, and this wild ostrich came into the car with his head and neck. The girls went wild---with screaming and laughter. Te ostrich grabbed the bag and left with the bag on his head. wooHoo! That was so funny. :-)

Hope you are having a safe and wonderful weekend. I am writing this Thursday morning, because the hurricane may come early saturday morning to the Texas coast. Although I am pretty far inland, we may get some wind and have power out.

Next week's theme---road. May have to break out the college road trip pics! That would be a fun journey down memory lane.

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