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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Saturday Night's Alright for Fightin' *

I'm watching "Braveheart" tonight---my own little Scottish Heritage Night or something. I like to think all my ancestors were brave and fighting for our freedom, even over there! I would LOVE to go to Scotland, the homeland of one leg of my family tree. It could very well be that my husband's family was on the English side!! Whoknows! ;-)

J was doing his last performance of the Seussification of Romeo and Juliet tonight, and it was Larry and B's turn to go. I had the night to myself---but I was doing laundry. This is not fun since the dryer is out!! Ug. But I am getting it done, and trying desperately to avoid going down to the laundromat. Larry just brought B home and is out again---to go pick up J at the pizza place where the cast was going afterwards. And B fell asleep in the car on the way home, so I am alone again!

The play was really good. I'm sure you'd appreciate it, if you have ever seen R&J in any form. J was bringing back his Brittish accent to be the monk who marries R&J. He's very funny. The whole play had the audience smiling throughout the evening! I got to go to last night's and this afternoon's performances.

Parental bragging moment:
B got a 5th grade reading level at the end of 2nd grade here, with 123 words per minute (This is the third grade goal!). What's really neat, and I never saw this kind of test with J, was her Spanish. She reads 51 words a minute in Spanish, and I don't know her reading level. She did read a story---the highest level one for 2nd grade---and got 11 out of 12 on her comprehension questions! So she's understanding what she's reading, which is the part I never can evaluate myself (not knowing any Spanish).

Enough for now!! Have a happy rest of the weekend!

*borrowing a blog characteristic from my friend Janet (go see her foot on her blog!), this is a song lyric. From the song with this phrase for a title, by Elton John

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